Senate President Bukola Saraki is a proverbial cat with nine lives, has truly proven to be undefeated in the face of many political storms that have come his way.

Notwithstanding the difficulties he has faced since the beginning of 8th assembly, the Number 3 citizen has continued to survive the many troubled waters that range from legal and political persecutions. Though, many have predicted that he would be the shortest serving Senate president in the country as he was fought more within his own party. But Saraki is always seen with his usual smiling face as he now becoming a major force in the political arena.

Meanwhile, the backing down of the Presidency on the ambassadorial list and the many concessions granted the Senate in the budgetary allocations show how stronger Saraki is waxing.

The youthful doyen of Kwara politics is gradually becoming a force in country's politics and it is possible Saraki repeats the David Mark feat in leading the Parliament longer. But for those who doesn't know that the undefeated Bukola Saraki still waxes stronger in love with his stylish adorable Toyin Saraki, he recently showers immeasurable love on her as they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last Wednesday, December 7th, then marriage that is blessed with four lovely children. your social media marketing partner