What is emanating from the neighborhood of the foremost Islamic singer, Alhaja Rukayat Gawat, artistically known as Sheikha, (Queen of Music,) is her new venture that she has been using to support the communities within her.

Gathered from reliable sources that the beloved daughter of former ace Islamic program presenter, Alhaji Razak Gawat, has just joined the elite league of industrious and well-meaning Nigerians who ventured into the water production business, (bottled and sachet,) which she brands ‘SpringStar Water.’

Enterprising and sensational Rukayat Gawat is someone whose milk of human kindness, is like an inestimable fountain, which has endlessly flowed to whet parched throats, just as he is a passionate lover of humanity, generosity, charity, philanthropy, and an embodiment of munificence in all its ramifications.

This beautiful mother of two is taking good advantage of the hard times to give back to his people, through free doling of bags of his pure water production to individuals for sustainability of their living. This is only because she knows the value of water to their life and business.

Recently, she was sighted at her neighbourhood of Ogudu, a rural suburb of Lagos, randomly distributing free bags of water to people, and at the same time promoting and creating awareness of his new venture, the ‘SpringStar’ water production, which has been in operation for some time now without attracting any publicity.


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