The Publicity Secretary of Coalition of Nigeria Entertainers, Southsouth Zone, Mr .Ernest Ordu has reacted to the confrontations by loyalists of the FIRS CHAIRMAN, Babatunde Fowler on the National President of the CNE.

The Secretary general was speaking on behalf of the group this morning during a press briefing, he insisted that the FIRS CHAIRMAN and his cohorts must halt any form of harassment or alleged attack being perpetrated on the national president of the CNE, Amb. Kenule Nwiya.

He made reference to the unchallengeable capacity and influence of people from the Niger Delta region, especially in their quest for justice and equal rights. He maintained that FIRS has continued to support Entertainers who are Lagos and Abuja based, without any fair considerations for Entertainers in South-south and southeast region, who also pay their revenue and deserve a share from whatever benefits which the industry may enjoy.

Mr. Ernest reiterated the readiness of members of CNE south-south zone for the 15th May protest. He stated that the group will storm Abuja in massive numbers to champion their request for a readdress  on the marginalization of South south and south-east Entertainers in Nigeria. your social media marketing partner