Tuesday, Jan 2021

The acronym DSR may not strike a strong chord in the consciousness of many, but it means Don Sylvester Records, owned by Enugu State-born showbiz promoter Sylvester Micheal Chinedu, who has been using his fledgling outfit, DSR, to empower the youths of the country that don’t have the record label that will showcase their talent, and also to engage the youths, and bring out the best talent in them.

The Sociology and Anthropology graduate of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, apart from being an emerging philanthropist, is also a business man. As a Christian, he has been creating a platform for people to be blessed through me. To date, he has thirty artistes undergoing procedures to be signed on after being given free studio sessions. The youths are now showcasing their talents in the music and movie industry and they need to be encouraged. His DSR outfit once visited the NYSC Camp in Lagos and organized a competition, after which three budding artistes were discovered and given ten million naira record deal. The guy that came first was given five million naira record deal and he is also serving as a youth corper under our record label, with salary and accommodation. Of course, he is a political animal and is proud to say he actively campaigned for Governor Ambode and President Buhari. Over and above all these, DSR is now becoming the Mecca of sorts for talented youths who are seeking empowerment benefits to further nourish their innate talents, and this is what the epochal Sylverster Chinedu has been doing with his outfit, without any accruing benefit to him or his company.

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