Entertainment outfit, ROBAZ Entertainment has made an inroad onto the global entertainment scene with purpose and intent which were announced to the world when it was unveiled by Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri, and Wazobia FM OAP, Igos, during a world press conference recently held at the prestigious Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

Comedian and Airtel brand ambassador, Monkals, who’s also RE’s manager, said that the recotd label is signing its first music artist, Martinz Ega who is a promising artiste and he showed what he got by performing to the delight of audience. Robaz Entertainment is not into music only, but movies and events as well. “We’re starting out with the record label arm of Robaz Entertainment  first, and Martinz Ega is our first artiste. We’re holding a major event outside Lagos soon next year and in Lagos too soonest,.” says Monkals. Philip Robor Asiotu, CEO, Robaz Entertainment noted that he established Robaz Entertainment to give back to the society that made him the success he is now as an internationally recognized businessman transacting all over the world and with offices in Dubai and Nigeria amongst others. “Robaz Entertainment is here to set the standard and let our actions speak for us. You’ve seen Martinz Ega perform. Why did we sign him? Simple. He has a message, lots of things to tell the people and we’ll support him fully to do that. That way, he’ll make timeless music which is our desire.”

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