‘It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, but only takes one bad deed to lose, just as the punishment is not for revenge but to lessen crime and reform the criminal.’ These words best describe the unfortunate long walk of Nigerian-born afro-pop singer, Dammy Krane, to the far away American jail in Miami Florida for grand theft, credit card scam and identity fraud. The singer, born Oyindamola Emmanuel, and artistically known as Dammy Krane, started out his early years in Ifako/Aguda axis of Ogba area in Lagos, where he was brought up by his grandmother and where his music background ultimately started via the church where his grandma worshiped, before he found his way into the globular music scene, eventually coining his style of music as afro-pop henceforth. It was gathered that while Dammy Krane was steadily and stealthily foraying into the secular music genre, he mingled with boys of questionable and dubious characters, who invariably tutored him in street smartness and also involved him in pockets of internet sleazes alongside youngsters like him; and thus he was never suspected or fingered among his street-wise gang as an internet fraudster, based largely on his over-pampered upbringing by his grandma and the regular payments an handouts from his America-based mom. Inherently, after making so much with his gang, he found his way to the mainstream of the Nigerian music scene, where he signed a management deal with Africa’s Tuface Idibia’s artiste management company, headed by Efe Omoregbe in 2012; through which he expanded his fan base and exploded with the stardom that came concurrently with the then wave-making king of Nigerian pop music; Tuface. As the saying goes, a dog will always go back to its excreta, Dammy was surreptitiously kicked out of the management company, when he started exhibiting traits that were not in tandem with the laid-down rules of the company, even after persistent warnings, all to no avail. As if all these were not enough, Dammy was discovered on many occasions to have taken to the use of that forbidden white substance and other illicit drugs that left much to be desired by a promising young chap. This was the last straw that broke the camel's back and pronto, his contract was irretrievably terminated. In the wake of this ugly development, it was learnt from an inside source that Dammy became so entwined in the abusive drug intake, that it nearly gave him a brain-wave, and had to be spirited abroad by his mother for intensive care in a rehab in the US. Since then, he has neither been here nor there in the in the industry, until the latest sour news about his involvement in a credit card scheme in God’s own country. Just as it is no more news that the prodigal pop star was granted bail and reportedly released from jail in the US jail, after meeting his bail conditions which was set at $7500, he was again arrested for credit card theft, grand theft and identity fraud in Miami, USA. His mother had blamed his troubles on the show promoter that booked his flight ticket while maintaining the innocence of her son. Yet, seven fake credit cards were again found in the pockets of Dammy Krane when he was arrested at Opa-locka Executive Airport in Miami Dade, Florida. To boot, because Dammy Krane also has an additional eight other felony charges, it is possible he may face a plethora of potential prison time if he is unable to secure a good plea deal. However if the star should plead guilty and the State is willing to consider accepting his plea, he may only face up to 10 years in prison which is in line with the minimum sentencing guidelines for the offences allegedly committed. Recently a judge in Mississippi sentenced three Nigerians to 235 years in prison for similar offences. This may be an apt reminder of a fellow Nigerian singer/rapper, Sinzu aka Sauce Kid, now serving jail term in the US, after having been arrested (for the 3rd time) in 2014 for ATM fraud, but emerged later to blame the “rumour ” on his former friend, Godwon, with whom he had a beef at the time. Dammy Krane now faces over 40 years in Florida Prison. It now behooves other Nigerian music stars to a cue from Dammy Krane and Sauce Kid by cleverly covering their tracks, because it is now getting clearer by the day that most of them probably use music as a smokescreen, while engaging in very illegal and shady deals to feather their nest. Certainly, it is not yet Uhuru for these prodigal music acts that will not simply live by the legitimate returns from their music exploits.
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