Human beings can be cruel and deceptive at times, and even in times of agony and grief, many sympathizers shouldn't be seen as really sympathetic of the moment. This was the lot of ace film maker, Gbenga Adewusi during the obsequies for late Yoruba actress, Moji Olaiya. The demise of sensational and well-loved Nollywood actress of the Yoruba genre, Moji Olaiya, last month, still remains a sad commentary in many homes of movie buffs. But, not too long after her sudden death in far away Canada and subsequently buried in Lagos, Nigeria, Moji Olaiya's colleagues are already cashing in on her demise by selling DVD's of her funeral. While some may argue that it's not too bad an idea to sell Moji Olaiya's DVD as a constant reminder and memorial of her good self in the industry,(and even one can pre-empt them by claiming proceeds will go to a charity for her children); the title they chose, Canada to Grave, still leaves many scratching their heads. The question is: why this suggestive title? The 'documentary' is being sold and distributed by Bayowa Films, owned by ace film maker and marketer, Gbenga Adewusi. It is therefore strange, to say the least, that very little thought went into the making of this 'project'. Why on earth did they think 'Canada to Grave' was an appropriate title? Did anyone consider the feelings of her old mother and her young daughters before throwing this out into the market? It is indecent and quite frankly, tasteless. Everyone involved with this project should be ashamed of themselves over such sensitive display of ignorance on the side of Gbenga Adewusi, who should still be mourning the death of one of his protégés in the industry. Many have since kicked against the idea, in the social media, lambasting and lampooning Gbenga Adewusi for maximizing profit from his industry 'daughter's' death, no sooner than the poor lady was laid to rest. They argue that the intention and motive might be right and genuine, but the title is rather inappropriate as it sends a wrong message in its entirety. Making money for the family or the children, if that is the intention of the marketer, shouldn't be the priority for now, but their future. This is sad and bad on the part of some colleagues who put this together, especially the veteran marketer, Bayowa, who many see as trying to use the unfortunate incident to launch himself back into reckoning, having lost grip of the industry for some years. Well, one man's meat is another man's disposition. your social media marketing partner