Saturday, Jun 2021


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Hip-hop artiste Morachi is set to storm the industry and change the sound in music industry. The singer who captivated the music scene with hit songs like Hapuya Like That and Labalaba is back with a bang.

The singer who has been in the United States has returned to stake his claim and he dropped two songs 'Never Let Go' and 'On My Grind'. The songs are off Morachi Records. Morachi says he's not intimidated by the new stars in the music industry as most of them rode on the waves of the sounds of their seniors and he's a part of them.

'I have my own style and don't want to be anybody. I want to be me. The passion and love I have for the industry has made me come back to contribute my quota. I'm here to take the industry to the next level. I'm one of the pioneers of the music industry. Talking about the terrain, I'm the terrain.

The singer who suddenly fizzled out of the music scene years ago explained why he stopped singing after dropping Happy hour and other songs. "It was not that i suddenly left the music industry. The kind of song i wanted to sing, they didn't want me to and i was misunderstood. Hapuya Like That was not the song i really planned to drop. i knew my gift and wanted to do more by bringing out great sounds but i was hindered and a lot of things happened thereafter that made me take a break. I didn't understand the industry then, I was trying to put my own sound. Now i know better", says Morachi.

Morachi says that with the new sound, he's bringing out, he wants to show who he really is. "In 2017, I want to change the sound in the industry. Good music needs to come to this industry. Nigerian music is No 1 in Africa. We even threaten the superpowers of music.We still need to show that we're the Next Big Thing.

The singer who fancies Flavour because of the Igbo mix, Kiss Daniel and Davido but avers that there is no love in the industry as everyone is just interested in his work. He added, "There's no love in the industry but i want to change that. Everybody feels I'm in competition with the other person’. 

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