Saturday, Apr 2021


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Philips is excited to introduce to the Nigerian market, the first clippers designed to ensure no bumps and less rash. Specially developed blades reduce the risk of cuts when clipping your hair or beard, offering the confidence of a precise cut and shave without the humiliating damaged skin.  


Whether you’re looking for a clean cut on your head or sharp and defined edges for your beard, the new Philips Clippers are designed to give a close precision cut or shave, cutting the hair at skin level. They also offer the freedom to play with multiple hairstyles by simply adjusting the blade and clicking-on different length combs. 

“Philips conducted extensive research across a cross-section of men in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa; the Philips clipper was developed and extensively field tested taking into account the core concerns that came out in the research – mainly the need to get that clean shaven feeling but to avoid the scratches, cuts and bumps that sometimes develop on the skin,” states Chioma Iwuchukwu-Nweke, General Manager, Philips Personal Health – West Africa. 

“These are the first clippers Philips is introducing in the African market, underscoring our commitment to delivering innovation based on the need of the consumers. Our new clippers cut your hair, not your skin. This not only ensures that you have a painless short and sharp look, but also improves your overall skin health,” Ms. Iwuchukwu-Nweke added.

The two clippers in the range, the Philips Clipper Pro (ideal for professional barber styling) and Philips Clipper Home (for personal use) offer blades designed to avoid cuts and bumps for optimal skin comfort, close precision and durability.

The Philips Pro Clipper is designed for a powerful expert trim, cut or shave. Its chrome matt finish is complemented by a smart textured handle for a comfortable grip, and a 2.8m cord to give a greater reach and to easily move around while clipping, it comes with seven Click-on Combs as well as a styling comb and scissors.

The Philips Home Clipper has lacquering, textured high gloss plastic finish and a 2.4m cord; and comes with four Click-On Combs including the 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm combs. 

The new Philips Clippers’ robust design promises to become a hair-loom for generations to come. Its strong steel blades are manufactured to withstand chips and cracks lasting up to four times longer than the leading brand, while its state-of-the-art copper motor coil will outrun its predecessor four times over.

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