In recent time, unsubstantiated stories have been flying about town concerning billionaire industrialist’s link with the newly licensed commercial bank SunTrust and whispers have it that Aliko Dangote may be one of the major shareholders in the fledgling bank.

But this may not have been unconnected with the prime role Dangote played at the official launch of the bank few weeks back. He was actually the one and only major speaker at the event and this may have fuelled the speculation that the African’s richest man sure has a big pie in the unfolding bank, but reliable sources close to the …… has vehemently debunked the story, saying Aliko Dangote’s only link with the bank is that he has a long standing and mutual relationship with the pioneer MD/CEO of the bank, Muhammed Jubrin.

It was even scooped that Dangote was caught unawares when he was called upon to come and make a speech. The bitter truth is that Dangote, even with all his vast financial accomplishment has no single dime in the bank, let alone having substantial shares in the new financial house, Sun Trust Bank.

Well now that you know the truth coming from someone very close to the business mogul and ultra-industrialist and more so Alhaji Dangote’s hands are too full to now veer into the already bloated banking industry.

SunTrust was licensed on September 15, 2015 as the first new commercial bank license given by the Central Bank in 15 years and its journey as a bank began in 2009. It commenced business on August 1, 2016. your social media marketing partner