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Many people know popular comedian, Akpororo but not many are aware of his other sides apart from comedy.

Akpororo hails from Ilaje, Ondo State, Nigeria but was born and grew up in Warri, a suburb in Delta State, Nigeria where he had his early education.

His career started off as a local gospel musician. In 2008, he contested in the National Comedy Challenge organised by Opa Williams and went on to win the Calabar zone

of the competition.

In 2009, Akpororo moved to Lagos and contested twice in the AY's Open Mic Challenge, coming second in his first try and winning the competition in his second try. He rose to popularity in 2013 following his performances at Basketmouth's 'Laff and Jam show', AY Live and other comedy shows.

Multi-talented comedian, Akpororo who has always reiterated his love for comedy and music also has a love for football and acting which many people do not know.

Akpororo as a personality cannot be easily defined, as he is embedded with diverse talents and skills. He is one of the few entertainers that does all round entertainment which includes music, comedy et al.

There are many things Akpororo loves doing which includes music, comedy, acting, football amongst others. So many people don’t know about the football part but many know about the comedy aspects of him.

He loves playing football and he has reiterated his love for football in some occasions. 

One particular moment that really depicts Akpororo's love for football was just recently before his Akpororo VS Akpororo event. With few hours to the show, the comedian was seen in a red football jersey coming from the football field and admitting he’s just coming from the football field, having little knowledge of what is going on at that moment about his event.

Conspicuously, Akpororo did not spare the need to feed his football passion for the headache of what is going wrong or right for his show, as he still went to involve himself in the round leather game.

In the last three years in the entertainment industry, Akpororo has not only shown what he his good at, but he has also put a mark of all-round entertainment in the minds of his fans. Baring in mind the twists and turns of his last show held recently at the Eko Hotel and Suites, it is not a gainsaying that Akpororo is an hallmark of all round entertainment with a quality touch.

 The Warri-born comedian cum-musician was able to dazzle his guests in an unprecedented style that evening, making the atmospheric condition explosive than a usual comedy event.

Noticeably, during the red carpet session of the Akpororo VS Akpororo event, all entertainers that were interviewed by different media houses had one thing on their mind, and that is, ‘Akpororo is a mad man.’ This leads to the next point about Akpororo which is his comical body gestures complimenting his verbal jokes. Akpororo has a way of twisting his mouth, widely opening his mouth, eyes and moving his shoulders to comically illustrate and buttress his jokes.

Akpororo flows best in pidgin English. Anytime he says his jokes, the pidgin English flows out smoothly to aid the understanding of his jokes. Expectedly, as a 'Warri boy' he is supposed to have swift command of pidgin English.

If it were to be only music Akpororo chosed as a career path, perhaps he would still have been a force to reckon with as music is concern. The singer has a wonderful and sublime vocal prowess that few musicians in Nigeria can boost of. He does his ad lib in such a way that all the notes he churns out are apt and melismatic in nature. He has performed live on different stages just for music alone. Again, if it is just for the music side, Akpororo will be more than fine in the entertainment industry.

His ability to manage his diverse skills and talent is a state of learning for other upcoming entertainers who are multi-talented but have problem of focus. The way Akpororo merges all his skills without hiccups and still be at the top of his game is worthy of emulation.


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