Top Nigerian pop singer Wizkid Ayo continues to enjoy global stardom.

The 25 year-old Nigerian was recently at number 11 on itune/Spotify world artistes, but in two days he jumped to the 3rd spot, ahead of well known artistes such as Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Sia.
Only Drake, at No 1 and Rihanna at No 2 are now ahead of the Nigerian star.
Spotify is a Swedish commercial music streaming, podcast, and video service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies.
It is available in most of the Americas, Western Europe, and Oceania. Music can be browsed or searched by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label.
Spotify operates under a freemium business model, with two music streaming tiers: Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. Benefits of the Premium subscription include the removal of advertisements, improved audio quality, and the user can download music to their device for offline listening.
Spotify was launched in September 2008 by Swedish startup Spotify AB. As of June 2015 Spotify had more than 75 million active users, including about 20 million paid users. The amount of paid subscribers reached 30 million in March 2016. your social media marketing partner

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