Nollywood actress, Kehinde Bankole has debunked sleeping with Kunle Afolayan’ to get a role as an actress in the film ‘October 1’


Kehinde revealed during an interview Broadway TV when she was questioned about how she got the movie role.

“What I want to correct is the thinking of people, if you keep giving roles to people you are sleeping with, will a lot of them be good actors?”

“I think people should first of all correct their thinking, nothing like that happened”.

The Gap-tooth award winning actress added that it could jeopardise the entire film project.

On her fashion fetish; she said she can’t do without perfumes: “I love perfume and sometimes I go crazy over shoes. When it comes to perfume, I do not stick to only one brand. Once I hear that there is a new fragrance in town, I just go and get it.

Most of the gifts I get are perfumes, so it does not make me stick to a particular brand. I just need to know that the fragrance is not strong. If it is nice and mild, then I would go for it.”

Bankole began her journey to fame in 2003, when she participated in the Miss Commonwealth Nigeria beauty contest. your social media marketing partner