Monday, Jan 2021


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Even as more revelations unfold on the cause of the break-up of the pop stars and Nigeria’s best export in music, P Square, Airwaves Report ran into the real person and catalyst of the collapse of the group.

VTEK- young music producer and performing artist, the prodigy who mixed and mastered P Square’s last album, Double Trouble.

The young music producer and CEO of Awesome Music Records (AMR); spent months, ample time at Square Ville, Omole producing many songs for Peter and Paul Okoye even as Jude supervises. Only 5 tracks among the songs the Bayelsa indigene produced made 'Double Trouble' track list.

He emboldened Peter to be able to sing and think outside the box- not the stereotyped dancer that he was labelled. 

According to VTEK, the break-up was coming and would have happened earlier as growth had to make the artistes and brothers find their uniqueness and do music business on a larger scale than the P Square group has done.   

Vtek who‘ll celebrate 10 years has a producer said he met P Square in September 2012 and enjoyed friendship and business relationship with the Okoye brothers, noting that they added to his profile and made him a better music producer.

The young man has worked with Darey Art Alade, Capital F.E.M.I and other big artistes. 

Awesome Music Records (AMR) has Dumebi and Vtek has artistes signed to the label. Watchout out for this young, daring and creative music producer cum performing artiste in 2016.

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