Stand-up comedian, Oni Lukmon Olanrewaju, popularly called Ambassador Wahala, has described Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere popularly addressed as Ali Baba as a pioneer model for Africa entertainers.

He said mush of the encouragement he got in the entertaining business was from Ali Baba which contributed in providing a successful landing for his comedy business.

According to Ambassador Wahala, “Ali Baba and a host of other names in the comedy industry who contributed in providing soft landing for some of us to make name in the comedy business. Ali Baba encouraged me a lot that you see me sailing smoothly in the industry. I have been a stand-up comedian over 10 years running.”

He added that “Nigeria is the heart of Africa, President Muhammadu Buhari is the President of Nigeria and Africa depends on Nigeria, therefore Ali Baba is Africa’s King of Comedy. Ali Baba is spontaneous, he is an epitome of encouragement, and he is super-rich.”

“Which African act is richer than Ali Baba? Which African artiste has a large heart like Ali Baba? If we have two big names in Nigeria’s comedy industry who wear the same face as Ali Baba, no Nigerian comedian will suffer. Ali Baba does not discriminate, he calls every comedian ‘his colleagues.’

“If you are a comedian who is introduced to Ali Baba, if he is sitting down, Ali Baba in humility will stand up on his feet to welcome such a person and that was my experience. He does not look at any comedian as ‘Upcoming.’ People who raised their shoulders in the industry are ‘nobody’, unfortunately, some big names in the country’s comedy business would want upcoming comedians to worship them,” Ambassador Wahala noted. your social media marketing partner