This is obviously a trying moment for Peace airline and it’s simply because of its notoriety for tyre-related aviation accidents in the past two years.

Within this period, the ailine has recorded no fewer than four tyre burst incidents with the latest at Lagos airport last week when its aircraft crash landed after a damaged tyre burst.

Sources in the aviation industry has placed the course of the incessant problem on sharp practices on the part of the airline’s procurement department and the tyre supplier for the airline.

The source who identified Peace Airline tyre supplier as Airline Management Supports Nigeria Ltd revealed how the company allegedly compromised quality in the industry.

While the company headed by Capt. Ekundayo Olubadewo is a major airline tyre supplier in Nigeria, Arik Air remains the only company that has refused to pateonise it, thus buys directly from the manufacturer.

The company according to investigation has a standing franchise holding with Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd in Birmingham, England as its representative in Nigeria.

However, it was reliably gathered that most of the tyres the company supplies to its customers were often retreaded as they ship worn out tyres to China and then bring them back as new, thereby being used for landing times as new.

“What they do is to collect all the used tyres and send them by container to Dunlop retreading factory in China where they would be re-packaged and ship back for our airlines just like tokunboh tyres. Isn’t it curious that an airline will record similar accidents within months” the source explained.

News of the people exclusively gathered that one David Jones is the go-between the Airline Management Supports and Dunlop, England.

Meanwhile when News of the People contacted Dunlop headquarters in Birmingham, the head of marketing Stuart Hawker confirmed that Airline Management Support (AMS) is Dunlop’s appointed distributor in Nigeria and West Africa of many years standing.

 He however declined to speak on incessant accidents involving one its end user saying ‘Dunlop does not comment in public about any aspect of any commercial relationship, between it and either its customers or its operators’ Hawker further explained that the retreading of tyres for aircraft is common practice, and is subject to appropriate airworthiness approvals.

According to a reliable source, the company was allegedly culpable in the 2006 ADC plane crash that killed Sultan of Sokoto and several others as investigations by Nigerian Civil Aviation Control Authority and Accident Investigation Bureau placed the cause of the crash on bad tyres.

It was alleged that the matter was swept under the carpet because of Cornelius O Adebayo intervention who was transportation minister then and a bossom friend of Capt. Olubadewo’s father.

The father was the founder of Gas Airline that also crashed in a curious manner that was never resolved and many victims yet to be compensated till date.

All attempts to get the views of the company located on Oba Akran Ikeja proved abortive as no one was willing to talk on issues bothering on transactions with their clients.

List of incidents as recorded by wikipedia:

On 14 December 2018, an Air Peace Boeing 737 from Lagos to Enugu with 130 passengers and 6 crew suffered a loss of cabin pressure at 31000 feet. Although the oxygen masks deployed, the crew elected to continue the flight after an emergency descent. Two passengers were subsequently treated for complications related to the decompression.

On 15 May 2019, an Air Peace Boeing 737from Port Harcourt to Lagos suffered a hard landing that resulted in damage to the engine pod and the landing gear. The aircraft was grounded, although no injuries were reported.

On 22 June 2019, an Air Peace Boeing 737with 87 passengers and 6 crew from Abujato Port Harcourt exited the runway while landing in heavy rain and came to rest in soft mud.

On 23 July 2019, an Air Peace Boeing 737 with 133 passengers and 6 crew landed on Lagos’ runway 18R but suffered a hard touch down causing both nose wheels to separate from the nose gear strut. The aircraft skidded to a halt on the runway on main wheels and the rest of the nose gear strut. There was one minor injury. The aircraft sustained substantial damage as did the runway. your social media marketing partner