The chairman of First Bank, Ibukun Awosika as urged youth to chart a tremendous course that will affect their life positively and make them successful in life. 

It was an educative and highly impactful forum as the FirstBank Youth Empowerment Program yet again convened on Thursday, December 27, 2018 in Lagos.

Hundreds of young participants came for the program to receive success nuggets for business and life. Dr. Remi Banjoko, CEO of Dkb Markets, taught on financial literacy and Dr. Maymunah Kadiri of Pinnacle Medical Services educated attendees on mental health.

The highpoint of the youth forum which had DMW singer, Mayokun serenade the participants was the Chairman of First Bank, Dr. Ibukun Awosika. Chief Mrs. Awosika, sharing life lessons, advising on the need to have a personal vision for life as this afforded her among other life quality choices to create a furniture company and grow it from age twenty-five years old.

She used the opportunity to urge ladies to marry the right person as this is important for their life and business.

She emphasized, "Don't lose sight of your goals in your business. You need to know what you want and have a vision for your life and this will lead to you building the right values and choose integrity over mediocrity."

While answering questions from several attendees, she noted that one needs to get an education to have a steady claim in life and Business.

"Get an education to develop a sustainable success. Keep your integrity. If you keep your integrity and your character, you will remain consistent and reliable. Don't determine your goals in life by other people's goals.

"Don't ever think people are doing you a favour. Running a small business does not make you inconsequential. Do not allow people to take advantage of you. You need to make a proformer invoice that affords you to get your clients committed. If you are a small business baker of cakes, do not make cakes unless it has been requested for that way and money deposited because the deposit is the real sign of commitment. You keep your capital and your profit, otherwise you waste your capital. You need your running capital at least even if you don't make a profit," says Awosika.

She added that for 2019, she will be building the next girl entrepreneurs. your social media marketing partner

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