One of Nigeria’s luxury brands owned by a seasoned journalist turned designer, Kayode Olanshile Alfred has just launched another collections for Twice as Nice.
The blooming partnership between the exclusive clothier and the foremost fashion store is being taken to another level with the Christmas Collections designed to get the rich and famous in the yuletide groove. 
“We're trying to give our customers something new and classy. Hence: The Christmas Collections and you can get it at all Twice As Nice outlets nationwide,” opined the celebrity journalist and Aristocratic owner Kayode Alfred.
Dubbed "The Christmas Collection", the latest release from the stable of Aristocratic fashion combines the freshness of original designs with the classiness of premium fabrics to give its growing clientele list of fashion pillars and icons something novel to step out in this coming holidays.
Known for his headline-grabbing scoops as a journalist, and his trendsetting offerings as a designer, Kayode Olanshile Alfred is someone who goes all out where quality is concerned. As the years have multiplied the emerging glitterati and settled fashionistas have gravitated to his Aristocratic Clothing like mice to round, plump slices of cheese. He has become synonymous with style that makes a difference.
The Christmas Collections will be available in all Twice as Nice stores nationwide and as usual there will be a mad dash by the fashion conscious for the limited units available. It is testament to Kayode Olanshile Alfred's growing reputation in the fashion industry that all his collections are usually sold out within a few weeks of landing on the shelves. Given the level of interest his latest offering for Twice as Nice is generating, The Christmas Collections will be no different. your social media marketing partner