Friday, Jan 2021

Many may not agree with the phenomenal status of very unassuming banking expert, Nnamdi Okonkwo, and this is because the man doesn’t not brook sycophancy and undue publicity, going about his job quietly and diligently.

Like it is often said, history is often written by champions, and sometimes they rewrite it. But very few champs excite the splendid tribute of a cheer in the wake of their most glorious feats. Nnamdi Okonkwo the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank plc, however, presents a remarkable difference and distinction. Unshakably standing tall like an Iroko tree, ethereal Nnamdi Okonkwo effortlessly initiates the latest and e-banking innovations with unmatched gusto, to the extent that those who hitherto loved to hate him have apparently gone into perpetual extinction. He bestrides the halls of Fidelity Bank like a colossus. With the mind of a genius and the mien of a confident mover and shaker, Nnamdi steers the ship of Fidelity with wondrous dexterity away from troubled waters and towards the glorious coastline of the Promised Land. The astute banker who turned 54 earlier this month continues to burnish his reputation as the outstanding bank boss of his generation. His exploits which have taken the banking world by storm has not gone without appreciation and rewards. Accolades and more feathers continue to trail him from different allied quarters; like in recent time, his merited award as the Banker of the Year at the 2018 Brands & Advertising Excellence Awards. His steered bank also took home the Bank of the Year award in the TV commercial category. Amidst all the hubbub and excitement generated by his latest laurels, Nnamdi still remains unruffled like an oasis of poise and calm. He has set his sights on goals far loftier than the momentary pleasures derived from fleeting accolades. No wonder, the Fidelity Bank head honcho, Nnamdi Okonkwo is now a man very much in demand among the intelligentsia and the rank and file of the Industry. This is evidently the hallmark of a man with a mission to accomplish in his area of competence and vast experience in the rapidly-changing banking world.

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