How does one begin to capture the exploits and meticulousness of this mercurial and vibrant businessman and investor?

Okoloko Onajite has come to register his name in the firmament of the Nigerian enterprise world, having risen from grass to grace, and is now standing shoulder to shoulder with industry giants. He is the Chairman of Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited; and also the Managing Director & CEO of Notore Chemical Industries and sundry related business ventures. Okoloko has shown through his diverse business exposure in Nigeria and abroad, that success is the result of hard work, resilience, focus and drive. A prized graduate of University of Benin, and Masters Degree holder in Economics; he is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School UK. Okoloko has been able to use his disciplines to make a name for self in his career choice and he is still not yet done, using all the opportunity available to him to explore the many opportunities that abound in the country.  Okoloko has achieved much yet he is not quick to talk about his achievements, endorsing the school of thought which preaches that accomplishments should speak for themselves. As the Chairman of Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited, an establishment with operations in Africa and incorporated in 1999, Okoloko has taken the firm, which is owned by some Nigerian investors and Delta State Government, to an enviable height. An outfit which started business in 2001, Okoloko has achieved heights including taking the company to a production target of between 12,000 to 15,000 barrels of oil per day. Midwestern is known to have built community centers, roads and hospital wards, awarded scholarships, given books to schools, and supported community events, confirming its vision to be a leading independent exploration and production (E&P), company focused on Africa, with a diversified portfolio of hydrocarbon assets. Okoloko’s Notore Chemical Industries is the only producer of Urea Fertilizer in Sub-Saharan Africa and it has been providing solutions to challenges facing the fertilizing industry and helping the government and private sector to resolve the economic and social advancement. Okoloko was appointed as an inaugural member of the Human Capital and Innovation Capacity Building Working Group of the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria in 2014. Meanwhile, in 2011, and he was named the inaugural winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Emerging Entrepreneur category for the West African region. He is indeed one of Africa’s silent revolutionaries in the area of economic development of the continent. Men like Okoloko are the people we need to take us to the next level. your social media marketing partner

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