Wednesday, Jan 2021


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In a conscious attempt to make real its online banking facility, new generation and ever ground-breaking bank, GTBank has released a hit video to further expand the horizon of the unique service.

Teeming with colorful scenes, groovy beats and a melody that you won’t forget easily, the video of GTBank’s 737 theme song, 737 Moments has all the spectacles and staples of a hit. Its purpose, though, is not to climb into the charts and claim the number one spot (where it rightly belongs), it is to highlight the simplicity and accessibility of 737 and its availability to every Nigerian at every moment in time. 737 Moments is a celebration of every moment at home, in the office or on the go, whenever the bank’s customers dial *737# to buy airtime, transfer funds, pay bills or complete any of their transactions. Bereft of a super star cast and featuring people from all walks of life, the 737 Moments Video emphasizes the simplicity and universality of 737, with its fervent promise of Simple Banking for Every Nigerian. But contrary to the good intention and genuine motive of the mobile platform, the service may not yet be the pride of its customers, as many of them spoken to, said the service is still not as effective as the bank promised them; as against the recent AGM’s records of the bank which show over one trillion transactions on the mobile apps.. This is even against the grand advertisement and sensitization programs rolled out by the bank in the wake of the campaign; a campaign and publicity drive that purportedly ran into several millions of Naira between 2015/2016. Most customers who have plunged into the perks and advantages offered by the plum service offered by the bank are now crying wolf having been hoodwinked by the campaign after experiencing one anomaly or the other in the course of using the service. A typical case in the shoddy service being provided by the mobile app, which has been severally encountered by many customers, is that when they dial the prescribed *737# for transaction, there is a unanimous and discouraging response of “unable to process request’. This nauseating experience has become so monotonous and rampant by the service provider, to the extent that most customers now feel disillusioned about the poor and skeletal service by the second generation bank, which prides itself as one of the prime movers of the industry, and by extension ‘guarantees’ its customers. The poser now is: How truly guaranteed are their customers if they cannot easily access their acclaimed lofty service and product via e-banking? Something, therefore, must be definitely wrong with the widely-acclaimed ‘most-friendly and best customer-service financial institution’. It thus behooves the management of the once-favoured and well-patronized commercial bank to earnestly brace up in order to avert the imminent and impending shortfall of the inclement development. Thus, in the wake of these several anomalies and short comings on the part of the once high-flying and prompt/efficient delivery bank, many of its valued customers across the country and even beyond, have been complaining bitterly, venting their spleen, and voicing out angrily, just as some have already dumped the bank for better and more preferable ones, while some are only waiting in the wings to follow suit, if the unwholesome situation continues. May be, and just may be, this is what the bank is trying to address through the 737 Moments theme song, that could go a long way in renewing their confidence in the bank as the ‘smartest way to transfer.’

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