Experts in security and carbusiness, andauto dealership have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to prevent the prevalent car-snatching in Nigeria.

The concept also aims at making recovery or tracking snatched cars easy in the country. Media Concepts International Limited and Association of Motor Dealers of Nigeria (AMDON) signed the MoU in Lagos last Thursday, June 15. If well-implemented, the car security concept will end the obnoxious era of car-snatching and auto-theft in Nigeria. Media Concepts Ltd., a consultancy firm, is the brain behind Police BCMR, introduced at the Police Headquarters, Abuja, in 2011, which attaches automobile owners’ Biometrics and personal data to their vehicles. The Police BCMR has the capacity to contain 70 millions vehicular records and makes tracking stolen cars easy and comprehensive. At the historic event, Ayotunde Omodeinde (ACP in charge of Police ICT), said the police, working with AMDON, would clarify if any vehicle has been stolen before a car dealer purchases it. “The concept is a wonderful idea that will help security of vehicles in the country. A platform like this will prevent car snatchers from having a field day in Nigeria.”
Jibiola Adedoyin, AMDON President, said his association serves majority of car owners in the country, adding that “The partnership in this concept will save time and energy searching for stolen vehicles.” Adedoyin also noted that a vehicle could be brought to a dealer for sales, even with complete papers, yet could be a stolen one. “It is win-win situation for buyers, sellers and the police with this concept.” Adedoyin gave the police a poser that a dealer bought a vehicle which was later found to be stolen, saying the police would collect the car but would not ask the armed robber to refund the dealer. Head, Media Concepts, Tope Agbeyo, said the signing of the MoU was yet another giant step, putting pen and papers together to safeguard all issues surrounding ownership of vehicles in Nigeria. He noted that, “in vehicular crimes, people steal cars to either use or sell them. A life could have been taken in the process of snatching it.” According to him, identity card could be verified from a data base which includes papers and status of the vehicles before a purchase is made. While the AMDON President said the partnership would help weed out bad eggs among motor dealers, Agbeyo assured that the Smart Card was fortified adding that nobody has ever hacked American Green Card. Omodeinde concluded that the Police do not do vehicle registration but only work with the information so gathered by Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC. your social media marketing partner