Fidelity Bank has supported the Accra edition of the Monopoly Board Game competition to demonstrate the bank’s passion for promoting financial literacy and inclusion.

The indigenous bank did this in partnered with Imani Consult Ltd and Bestman Games Ltd, the African distributor of customized editions of Hasbro’s iconic Monopoly Board Game.
At the launch of the Accra edition of the Monopoly board game, the Director for Strategic Partnerships and CSR at Fidelity Bank, Dr. William Derban, expressed his excitement about the partnership explaining that Monopoly is a great educational game that teaches the foundations of finance, trade, and investment and was optimistic that it would go a long way to help children understand basic finance when it is played in schools and homes.
“Fidelity is the Best Bank in Ghana and we are also the largest privately owned indigenous bank in Ghana. This places a huge responsibility on us and how we relate to our community. For us, finance is what we do and what we are good at. We believe that giving people, especially the youth an opportunity to be financially literate is something we must pursue,” he said.
Dr Derban was particularly happy that Monopoly encourages personal financial responsibility from an early age.  According to him, the Monopoly Accra edition is an opportunity to bring finance to life, an opportunity to inform and educate people about basic financial concepts. He added that it is the one situation where a five-year-old can become a banker.
Accra now joins cities such as New York, Paris, Sydney, London and Lagos which have customised editions of the Monopoly board game.
The Accra edition of the Monopoly board game features sites and landmarks in Accra such as the Makola Market and the Osu Oxford Street.
Monopoly clubs will be opened in schools across the country. Monopoly is much more than a board game; as they play the game, players are also made aware of ethical values and integrity as negative behaviour is penalised and positive behaviours are rewarded in a symbolic but fun way.
The Monopoly Accra edition will provide players with information on the historical significance of the landmarks and interesting sites, thereby promoting tourism.
Fidelity Bank has over the years embarked on a number of initiatives to get more Ghanaians to be financially literate. The Bank in partnership with GIZ provided over 10,000 leaflets on basic banking services such as savings, insurance, and credit to people from all walks of life.
Through its ‘future of banking’ seminar series, Fidelity Bank has been educating students on how technology is changing the face of banking.
Fidelity Bank will also leverage on the Accra edition of Monopoly to extend its financial literacy campaign to schools. your social media marketing partner

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