Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has described his £50,000 Football Association fine as a "disgrace".

Mourinho was given the fine, and a one-match suspended stadium ban, on Wednesday evening after accepting a misconduct charge from the FA in relation to post-match media comments he made in the wake of the 3-1 loss to Southampton on October 3.
But, speaking at Waterstones Piccadilly to promote his book MOURINHO, he expressed his displeasure at the punishment he has received.
"I'm happy that I don't have an electronic tag," said the Chelsea boss. "£50,000 is a disgrace. The possibility of getting a stadium ban is astonishing."
Mourinho felt aggrieved Arsene Wenger went unpunished for calling referee Mike Dean "weak" and "naive" following Arsenal's defeat to Chelsea last month.
Yet Mourinho was sanctioned after criticism of Robert Madley, the official in the loss to Southampton. Mourinho claimed that "referees are afraid to give decisions for Chelsea" in a post-match interview.
Wenger also escaped punishment for pushing Mourinho in the Stamford Bridge technical area in October 2014, something which still grates with the Chelsea boss.
Mourinho, who called for the media to "go deep" in examining his fractious relationship with the FA, added: "There is something that, now, we know. One, we can push people in the technical area. We can, no problem.
"The word 'afraid' is a punishment, and a hard punishment. But to say the referee was 'weak and naive', referring to one of the top referees, not just in this country, also in Europe, to call him 'weak and naive' we can do.
"The only good thing of this last decision by the FA is that every manager in this country can write in a little book and, when he goes to the press conference, he knows that 'afraid' costs £50,000. 'Weak and naive', you can do it.
"It's more important for the football in this country - a word, than [an] aggression. The only two good things that I take from this [the FA decision] is that. It's good for everyone.
"And it's the fact I still can walk in London without an electronic tag" he stated. your social media marketing partner

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