Colors: Purple Color

 This is the time to ‘Possess the Gates of 10/10/2020 Through Wrestling Prayers’ at the must attend online special night-time powerful inter-denominational promotion programme for all by Dr. D.K Olukoya, the anointed man of God who has prophesied that ‘It’s A Night You Will Never Forget For Divine Promotion’ for all the partakers.

Grace Nation international under the anointed Servant of God, Dr Chris okafor joins the rest of Nigerians to celebrate the 60 years independent anniversary of the country with a special prayer session to appreciate God for the love and unity among Nigerians that has kept all together despite ethnic, political and religion differences.

For some weeks now, one misguided and possessed woman named Maureen Badejo who is obviously looking for followers on social media for financial gains has been speaking about the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries UK, so much that she went ahead to attack the person of Dr D.K Olukoya, the wife, the son, some key people in the church and the entire organisation, with fabrications and unfounded stories cooked up by her and some conniving fired former MFM pastors of doom ,for whoever cares to pay her any mind.

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