Saturday, Jun 2021

She is by all indices an entrepreneur par excellence; and this accolade is not earned on the wings of her billionaire extraordinaire father, Otunba Mike Adenuga Jnr., the bull at Globacom.

Workaholic, and highly industrious Bella Adenuga-Disu clocked 35 years days back and this wasn't a big deal for her, even as torrents of birthday cards, cakes and special greetings came her way from all angles, mostly from her staff at her dad's companies, where she efficiently superintends as an Executive Director. If not for those who know her birthday like the back of their palm, very officious would have quietly marked the day in the company of her love ones and few family friends, without any coloration. Ever insightful and futuristic Bella is not one given to undue publicity and showmanship, just like her father, who is also a very elusive person. Despite her privileged silver spoon background, coupled with all the plum offices she has held here and there, well-focused Bella has not lost her mien, a virtue that has inadvertently made her a seeming role model for the younger female folks, her peers and even some older ones in her gender. Bella, apart from having her hands in many corporate engagements, she is also into deeply into philanthropic activities, also just like her dad; the difference is that she is fond of children, especially the indigent and underprivileged ones, whom she goes around to assemble in a convivial atmosphere, tutor them and inspire them to aim at what they want to become in life, despite their disadvantage. Adventurous and very innovative Bella is the chairperson of the Bella Disu Foundation, a non-profit organization, established to improve the potential of children from less-privileged backgrounds through providing access to quality education and employment skills.
Bella stands tall among children of the rich who always relish in their fathers’ ample wealth, and has proved this over time without fear or favour. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters of Science degree in Leadership from the Northeastern University also in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management of Nigeria (MNIM) and the Institute of Directors of Nigeria (MIOD.)

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