Wednesday, Feb 2021

Business is always smooth and unhindered when partners are honest, understanding and transparent to each other.

But this was not the case for these two jolly bosom friends and business partners, Captain Idahosa Wells Okubo and Tunde Ayeni.

For the record, the two had partnered in many businesses which had flourished and transmuted them into billionaires. But a spanner was thrown in the wheel of their partnership when one of them suddenly became hostile to the other for certain discrepancies.

It was gathered that some months back, Captain Hosa Okubo, in all honesty, reached out to Tunde Ayeni, a former Chairman of Skye Bank, now Polaris Bank, and requested for a roundtable audience with his lawyer to address some pending issues that were threatening the very existence of their hitherto flourishing business concern, OMS; but Ayeni didn’t dignify or honour his friend’s request for reasons best known to him, let alone give any reason that he wanted an amicable settlement.

Thus, with Ayeni’s defiance, it was apparently clear to Hosa that his friend had a hidden agenda to scuttle their relationship.

Money; however was the bone of contention, particularly the sharing formula of the proceeds of the business. That was how the relationship was dented and the two went their different ways.

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