Friday, Aug 2021

The bisexuals in Nigeria, no longer have hidden places as demonstrated in the community of Ikirun, in Osun State. A Nigerian bisexual man knew has Bankole Adepoju and his lovers have been banned from Ikirun, in Osun State over an allegation of involving in a shameful bisexual act in the reserved Yoruba land community.

We gathered that Bankole Adepoju who many regarded as an unassuming easy-going member of the community was attacked by the community leaders and angry mobs of youths because of the immoral act that was made known to the general community by Bankole’s supposed female friend who caught Bankole and his lover boy in the illicit act in their family house.

The matter was taken to the Baale (Monarch) of the culture and tradition inclined community who ordered that Bankole and the other man involved should be brought to the palace for necessary punishment but the angry youths preferred to carry out a jungle justice and luckily for him (Bankole), he escaped and he is nowhere to be found as we file this report.  

The information available revealed that a group of men from the supposed girlfriend’s siblings also attacked Bankole’s family members in Ikirun claiming that their son has committed an abomination and he needs to be punished dearly.

Unfortunately, the angry youths couldn’t get a hold on Bankole and they threatened to burn down his family house but the Baale (Monarch) intervened and he pleaded that the family house should not be destroyed. And, this made the youths to be angrier and vowed that they will kill Bankole if found in the community at any point in time.

On account, Bankole Adepoju was caught with his bisexual partner in Ikirun, inside his family house by his pregnant girlfriend and he fled while his partner from another neighbouring village was caught and badly beaten and battered till he gave up the ghost at the town hall hospital in the community.

Unlike, in the other climates where bisexual and homosexual acts are legalized but Bankole Adepoju’s experience as a bisexual in his mother’s land in Nigeria is a sad and touching one coupled with the loss of life of his bisexual partner that had his fate on the jungle justice perpetrated by the angry elders and the youths in the community.

Further investigation revealed that his pregnant girlfriend was later disowned by her family that how a person like Bankole would be responsible for her pregnancy, that she has brought shame to their family too. What a pity!

Since the public act of shame by Bankole considered to be a fugitive, the community Baale (Monarch), the elders and the youths has launched an Anti-Gay/Bisexual Vigilante Movement in the community in Ikirun, Osun State in accordance to the government of Nigeria passed a law in 2014 that criminalizes same-sex acts by 14 years imprisonment. And, also criminalizes activism by gay/bisexual men by 10 years in prison. And, they are very vigilante to arrest whoever is caught in such illicit act in the community and deal with persons with the laws of the land respectively.

More checks on the law revealed that same-sex cohabitation gets 10 years imprisonment. Talk less of any demonstration of public affection bags 10 years imprisonment. And, any form, kind, or shape, that shows that you are bisexual or gay, you are basically dead by the law in Nigeria.

We also gathered that the wanted Bankole went into hiding for months because his life was in great danger in the community and was later able to leave state and relocated to Europe.

The big question now is who will help them find Bankole as they have promised to make him a good example as a deterrent for others that might have plans or pleasure in bisexuality in the community in Ikirun, Osun State.

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