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It might sound ordinary for a woman to find out her husband is cheating on her, but not if you are the woman, and it is your husband that is doing the same thing to you, how would you feel? But the rate at which some bosses abuse their female staff is getting abysmal, and the rate is not being controlled by any measure.

This bad trend is now a real threat to some matrimony and should be in the attention of people in authorities. At one of the country's foremost indigenous exploration and production companies, Energia Limited, an oil and gas company.

There are many alleged indiscriminate unwholesome activities, albeit sexually, going on in the company; one of the boss of the company, Leste, has been fingered in alleged sexual relationships with some of his female staffers, most of whom are married. Leste, according to sources is an unrepentant lover of women in his employ, and his can of worms was recently opened by one of these mistresses in his office, Braibi Horsfall, whose husband came into the open about how Leste has been having an alleged dalliance with his wife.

Olasunkanmi Habeeb Razak, alleged in very strong words that the MD of the company has been having an unholy affair with his wife for years without his knowledge. The letter reads unedited and copied to the under-mentioned for reference purposes:

Dear Sir,


I have recently become aware, that Mr. Leste Aihevba (the Managing Director of Energia Limited) is engaged in an immoral and sexual relationship with my wife, Ms. Braibi Horsfall, who is his Executive Assistant, despite the fact that they are both married. By virtue of this relationship, it would appear that Ms. Horsfall has enjoyed some benefits which she would not be ordinarily entitled to, within Energia.

Though, I have instituted Divorce Proceedings, processes of which are hereby attached for your information, against them, I sincerely hope that this is not the corporate culture within Energia.

Nonetheless, I ask that disciplinary actions are taken against the erring parties; failing which I would need to resort to the appropriate legal processes to seek further redress, as I would not want such a culture shielded or covered up in a Nigerian Company.


Habeeb Olasunkanmi Rasaki

CC: Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Legal, Head of Human Resources, and Mrs. Eunice Aihevba.


In the wake of this letter that was not responded to positively, the aggrieved husband summarily took the matter to court and the matter is awaiting judgment. The court matter is also included below for further details.

Habeeb got married six years ago to Braibi at a well-attended marriage in Lagos. He is the son of former Military Administrator of Lagos State, Brigadier-Gen. Raji Rasaki (retd,) and they are blessed with a five-year-old baby girl.

Before the press time, in effort to balance the story; a called to Habeeb Rasak via his phone 0706*****45, didn’t give a response to the story while someone called on his behalf with 0803****401 to debunk the cracked in their marriage, while an effort to reach Mr, Leste through his company contact (0815****024) was abortive till the press time.


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