Monday, Jan 2021

Like the goldfish, Ahmed Mazloum cannot walk into a hall (let alone a room) and go unnoticed.

There are so many striking features about him that not only set him apart but leave onlookers awestruck. From his height, his characteristic full beards, his swag and most of all, his impeccable sense of dressing, a meeting with him unfurls a persona drenched in warmth.

With these qualities, it is understandable why he is increasingly becoming a subject in the Nigerian media space. On social media, especially the more glamorous Instagram, Mazloum has become a sort of influencer, with thousands of followers, some of whom are the biggest entertainers in Nigeria. His message when it comes to glamour is clear-cut on his Instagram page: Dress like you own the bank; not like you’re looking for a loan!

 It is working for him and everyone seems impressed about it.

At every gathering where Mazloum goes, he steps out in style, wearing choice apparel that accentuates his mission. For this, Vanguard’s Allure, could not resist a cover story on him, where he was captured with a dose of his made in Warri.

So who is this man, charming his way to the center of Nigeria’s glamour-Ville? He prefers to describe himself as a Lebanese-Nigerian; whichever comes first does not matter to him, because he has been part of the two nations intrinsically. He had his primary education at Warri, Nigeria oil-producing city which is also laced with enormous potential in entertainment. After his primary education, he moved to Lebanon for secondary education but would return to Nigeria for an aborted tertiary education at Delta State University. Like Bill Gates and a few other IT geeks flaunting technology dollars at Silicon Valley, Mazloum wanted to test his hands-on entrepreneurship.

He invested in 3 companies and currently seating as the managing director 2 companies

If there are two things such a venture has availed him, it will be money and guts. For him, threading uncharted territories has become an obsession as he is ever ready to try new things in spite of the inherent risks. A testimony to this is his adventure in 2015. He had taken the bull by the horns by hiking the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, situated in Tanzania.

He says: “I call myself an adrenaline junkie because I love doing things that set me on edge. I love the rush after doing something a little risky and fun.  Mount Kilimanjaro was special as I had long wanted to be among the few to be at the rooftop of Africa. After seven days of hiking and climbing through four different types of weather, it was amazing. I felt lifted and free of all the stress in the world for a few minutes. The view was breathtaking. I appreciated God’s creation more. I made new friends from five different countries. It also made me mentally strong and I fell in love with the people of Tanzania for the support they gave me”.

The fact is that the love for him transcends beyond Tanzania or the oil sector. On the Internet, the warmth he exudes can be seen in some of the comments and reactions by celebrities like Kate Henshaw, Enyinna Nwigwe and Jim Iyke amongst others. All these points to the fact that Ahmed Mazloum exudes the charm deserving of a true prince.

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