As the wife of the nation’s number two citizen and concurrent acting president, the sweet-looking, and granddaughter of the late sage, Obafemi Awolowo, Mrs. Dolapo Osibanjo (neeSoyode) has not allowed the perks and mightiness of office to becloud or overwhelm her sense of identity with lesser mortals. People in are ilk on the account of their family and spouses pedigrees would have long taken a berth from the less privileged.

But this is not for the humble, unassuming and very gregarious Dolapo, who has daily shown that being in influential and vantage positions is a momentary and privileged opportunity which can come and go at any time. For the discerning, Dolapo, long before she came into the public glare as the wife of the vice-president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has been catering for the suffering masses especially miscreants and kid street-hawkers at designated areas in Lagos, like Ikeja, Oshodi, Obalende etc. where food items, clothing, and other freebies are indiscriminately distributed to these unfortunate people, just as she mingles with them in a rare atmosphere of conviviality despite her highly placed pedestal. Her several humanitarian gestures have no doubt placed her in another league entirely as one woman who does not cling to her privileged background as she continues to render masses-friendly assistance to people irrespective of religious or ethnic backgrounds.

Same goes for her husband, now the acting president, who has also been ably steering ship of the nation even in the present biting economic recession, since his principal, President Muhammed Buhari has been in and out of the country, on account of ill –health. Kudos must be given to this unique couple who are not leaving anyone in doubt that their privileged positions in the upper echelon of the Nation’s administrative sector will never have a taint on their commitment to giving back to the society. Her Excellency, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo is indeed a gift from God to nature and humanity. your social media marketing partner