The Celestial Proclaimers (CP), a group within the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) has returned with fresh revelations which threatens the very essence of the church, if not properly dealt with.

The group in a statement issued in Lagos on Thursday, two months after reacting to the rebuttal by the Board of Trustees of the church over its call on faithful's of the church to rise up against the manipulative tendencies of a member of the BoT, called on members, especially leaders of the church to eschew carnality and embrace the principles set by the founder of the church, SBJ Oshoffa.

Starting with a bible verse; the statement by the group reads thus; “And on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Matthew 16 vs 18.

“The mandate of the Church was divinely spelt out by the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on the Pastor Founder SBJ Oshoffa encounter with Him in May, 1947.

“He had been equipped with divine and spiritual power at that period for the Church that was to be later descended in September 29, 1947.

“It was then spelt out that the Pastor Founder was being sent on an errand to the world (missionary assignment) to bring lost souls back to God.

“However, the instrument to accomplish the assignment happened to be the Celestial Church of Christ which the Lord Himself coined “The Last Boat of Salvation to cleanse and save the world”.

“The work of Salvation started and the glory of God manifested through the workings of the Holy Spirit in the Church which was ordinarily beyond human imaginations. Impossible things were made possible. The dead were physically raised, the lames walked, the deaf heard and the spiritually wrecked were made to rise up again even unto the period of Pastor Alexander Abiodun Bada.

“The divine and Celestial signs that manifested at the demise and burial of these our two Pastors from Heaven was never seen at the burial of mere mortals. This is simply an attestation to the acceptance of God’s Servants and how they truthfully carried out God’s assignment given to them.

“But today, the Church is living in her old glory of spiritual and divine wonders and astonishment.

“Spiritual interventions in turning impossibilities to possibilities is below five (5) percent.

“Carnalities of all forms are reigning supreme. Only very insignificant few are caring about the things of the spirit, hence, almost all are after everything associated with the flesh.

“The titles associated with the Church are no more sufficient, hence, all and sundry have deviated to add titles from the outside like Otunba, Ogboni, Iya Laje, Baba Laje, jagan this, jagan that, Prince, Osi-Oba, Doctor and all what not which was clearly stated in the Church Constitution as not allowed for use in any form within the Church. All of you that belong to this category, ask yourself this question, “is this the way I am supposed to be contributing to the progress of this great spiritual Church?”

“Everyone believes money is everything. However, that may be true in the gatherings of the wayward and unbelievers but in a Church of Christ like the Celestial Church of Christ, NO, money is not everything. God, Holiness, Brethren Love and Humility is everything not money.

“Celestial Church of Christ is divine, there is no argument about that fact but the people inside her are not divine, hence, every man is mortal. If that is the case, the Church can NEVER be destroyed but every man in her can be destroyed except those who walked the way that are pleasing to The owner of the Church, the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Church has been hijacked by an emperor called celejagaban who was chased out of Port-Hacourt by a more powerful militant Atakeke. He has introduced the 21st century mechanism and maneuvering of crudest 9ja politrickcians into the Church of Christ by lining his stooges and foot soldiers in positions where if by any mistake of omission or commission, the current head of the Church should die, he will declare himself as the head or whoever pleases his personality.

The issue of the celejagaban activities in Port-Harcourt is a last resort bomb that will finally expose and take away from him all that he had illegally and criminally gathered and send him to a seclusion of long absence because it involves “OILYBUNKY” and “K-----GS”. This group is monitoring the situation and every activity in the camp of the celetyrant. They have even muted the idea of eliminating anyone that crosses their way in their scheme of totally taking over the reins of the Church. We know their leader antecedents in Port-Harcourt and we are far ahead in our own arrangement that before anything happens they will be roped in.

“Church Trustees? None except the cele tyrant. One of his dear foot soldiers in the Pastor’s office forged a letter which included Administration as part of assignments to him. The Pastor only gave him assignment of the Treasurer, nothing more. While the foot soldier was reading the letter to the Pastor before his (Pastor) signature, he did not read the administration part to the Pastor’s hearing.

“Can you imagine the kind of people surrounding our Pastor as his staff?

“Celestial Church is a distinct and unique Church. Those who have done similar things but not as absolute and wicked as this, where did they end? They ended in total and absolute SHAME.

“Celestians, realise this, Satan is fighting this Church through this same man. You are being deceived that the celejagaban was spending his money on the Church, you seem not to understand all these politicians politrickings now brought into the Church by these group of drunkards that wanted to rule the Church like their personal business or political party and creating empire for themselves.

“Ask the tyrant to list the amount he had spent on this church with proof and let people do the needed reconciliation and let the Church know the findings. This should start from whatever year he started spending for Celestial Church of Christ up to June, 2019. He will tell you he built Imeko Cathedral, was it his money? How much did he personally contribute to the Cathedral? Let him tell the whole Church.

“The woman who gave N50m to support the Imeko Cathedral and also N120m to International H/Q was his enemy. He did not like the woman because the woman was doing what he cannot do or did not do.

“Celestians are at liberty to cross check this fact about his disdain for the woman from our sister denomination. The celejagaban does not want to see anyone doing anything for the Church except him or through him alone. QED.

“His intention was to establish himself as the sole authority in the Church and as a DE FACTO PASTOR and plan his evil (God forbid any evil to the current Pastor) and use section III subsections (iii)a,b,c,d to install whoever he wants or install himself.

“Someone who singlehandedly compiled the list of members of the Pastor-In-Council, singlehandedly drew out the Chairman of all the committees with his stoogies and more so cajoled the Pastor into accepting his candidates as his Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Pastor-In- Council. The Secretary was the same person the Pastor threw out from the same position for over four years for a reason. Celestians, do you think the celejagaban is stupid or you thought he was just doing all of these by coincidence? Better wake up all before you are turned into slaves by a Johny Just Come celejagaban. From his antecedents and show off, does he resemble anyone that want to do anything just for the sake of doing it without a serious self-benefiting motives? Then if you think so, you are dead and buried before the reality of this NOTORIOUS SCHEMING TYRANT AND MONSTER hits you like a RAGING AND CONSUMING TSUNAMI.

"It will only take few on the Lord’s side to defeat the gatherings of the multitude on the side of the enemies (The Anti-Christ and Anti-Celestial Church).

"The Prophet who exposed the inanities of this tyrant had kept silent? Why? Was it a case of being settled or bought over? It will be sad, if after all that he said, he maintained unusual silence. Did he not state in his write up that the battle is non-stop until there is the vanquished and the victor? Is he saying there is the victor already with the non-stop scheming and manouvering of the celejagaban usurping every power and functions in the Church for his purpose alone?

"Some start a journey and fall by the way side, we hope this is not the case with our Prophet. But whatever, this is the Lord’s battle to recover His Church from the oppressors, surely the Lord’s VICTORY IS ASSURED in all battles in which He is involved.

"But all who are desperately queuing behind the celejagaban should realise that Celestial Church of Christ is not about how many houses you are collecting rent from, how many new cars you are buying daily, how many children you got, how many planes you have or how wealthy you are but the Church is about winning souls for Christ, helping the needies and performing miraculous assignments of making impossibilities to be possible and making salvation our ultimate goal.

"The God of Celestial Church can still give you wealth, children, and many goodies of life but if you see all of these as your ultimate satisfaction and pride, then, you are only a Cele but not a Celestian which are(celes)being prepared for eternal destruction. Therefore, do a soul searching and repent and do the needful to reposition the Celestial Church of Christ as she should be in accordance with the way the Lord Jesus Christ presented His Church to us through the Pastor Founder SBJ Oshoffa, otherwise, your end will be disastrous in this Church and in this world.

"The Port-Harcourt episode of our celejagaban is ready but it will be used as a last resort bomb to expose the evil deed of Mr Trustee and show you all his DIRTY NAKEDNESS your social media marketing partner