He has been a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria, and he delivered faithfully. His now touted moves are in the realm of reality. Just like dreams at first, it seemed improbable, but it now seems possible, and when they summoned the will, they soon become inevitable.

This is the best way to describe the big meander of Senator Gbenga Daniel Aluko to achieve his tall dreams. In Ekiti State, there are many political gladiators who are jostling for the number one seat of the State Government to replace the incumbent governor, Ayo Fayose, who has been angling to put his surrogates in his stead. Senator Gbenga Aluko has all the wherewithal to confront all these aspirants on his way to becoming the next governor of the state. His party is very much on ground for him to secure the party’s ticket for a new development in the emerging Nigeria’s project. Sen. Aluko, who has contributed to the history of Ekiti State, right now is already positioned to rescue the Land of Honor State from imminent collapse and his track record as a Senator speaks volumes for him as a vast, tested and trusted aspirant. Now that he has shown his intention to contest for the plum post of the state, he is undoubtedly gathering momentum and enjoying the good followership with a stronger structure.

Though political pundits believe that to take over Ekiti after Fayose; only grassroots politicians can roundly fit into the race, and Sen. Aluko’s dream in the uppermost person in the state is to ensure that the youths of the State are not only developed, but also economically empowered, and to provide enabling environments for the youths’ Human Capital Development.

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