He has a unique way of doing things in different ways and in unusually no small measures. That is pragmatic and effervescent and Agege LG boss, Honourable Ganiyu Egunjobi for you.

This virtue came to the fore when his wife added a year days back, the quintessential politician gave her the best of honour and adulation via the following alluring and titillating words: Happy birthday to my girl!, I’m thankful to God for you as always, for the woman you have become. You are all I ever prayed for and more, the Grace of the Almighty will continue to preserve and guide you through the coming years, His uncommon Favour will make ways for you, and you will continually enjoy His peace and blessings on all sides. I love you always and unrepentantly.’ What a wonderful and sensational way to eulogize a wife, who is well-rooted in her husband’s heart and ever his jewel of inestimable value. The birthday girl, Alhaja Ramot Egunjobi, a top career Lagos State civil servant, and a doting mother of three, is still wallowing in the euphoria of the modest and classy birthday bash her darling husband threw for her amidst pomp and ceremony. And like you already know, the husband, Honourable Ganiyu Egunjobi, is the Executive Chairman of Agege LGA and is a deeply grass-rooted politician, who is relentlessly giving and still dreaming to give his constituents the best of goodies in the future. Egunjobi sure has a way of making his other wife know that the tight schedule of politicking and high demands of office can never take him away from his heartthrob.

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