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Sir Olu Okeowo, Chairman of Gibraltar Property has been around for some time now, doing what he knows how to do best.

By all standards, he has a success story. With numerous estates and golf courses scattered around the world, there is no gainsaying the fact that he is a big player in the property and real estate sector. The shrewd businessman is unarguably one of the best property merchants of his time. He is known for a number of imposing properties scattered around the world. While he continues to dazzle his competitors and delight his admirers, he works so hard and little wonder he also takes time to spoil himself with the good things of life.  But just like any successful man, people would like to bring you down; some traducers have been peddling ugly rumours about the internationally-recognized businessman, over his acquisitions. According to the rumours, it was alleged that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has seized  his numerous cars, over  some un-done government contracts in his possessions, but a source revealed to us that the story is nothing but a lie from the pit of hell. The man simply does not do government contracts. This may have been the handiwork of his detractors that would want to bring him down for their jealousy over his impressive and intimidating achievements. The unshaken doyen of philanthropy has been  a renowned international property merchant for over three decades and has not secured contract from any branch of government. “How people can go to any length to destroy others baffles one!?  I don’t think the billionaire needs   contracts from government(s) or their agencies to live or survive.