When rumours were milled that he may be the next occupier of the State of Harmony’s government house, come 2019, feelers started trooping in from many quarters that even if he eventually secures the plum seat, many untoward instances that have come his way prior to this may inadvertently affect him while in office.

After having a swell and impeccable time in public office, Hon. Mustapha, a former member of the House of Representatives seems to have accepted the reality of a broken home with his wife, Taibat, who moved out of their matrimonial home in Abuja for another place in the Federal Capital Territory; and even a building under construction around Sulu Gambari Way in Ilorin, which suddenly collapsed, injuring three persons, was an extension of Crystal House International Hotel being hurriedly built by at least 100 temporary workers allegedly hired by Hon. Moshood Mustapha; all these and much more may be called to question when he assumes office as someone who could not successfully manage his home front, and again responsible for the fatal but avoidable death of innocent people. Catastrophes indeed for an impending governor, who may have to tinker with what people will think of him about his immediate past; a big dream swiftly been marred by some direct or indirect happenstances.

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