A United States of America-based prophet, Rev. Ngozi Okoye, has said that God will avenge the judgment of the Supreme Court that gave rise to the incumbent Imo State Government with Hope Uzodinma as Governor.

Rev. Okoye, who is from Imo State, gave the verdict in a prophesy she said God gave to her and made available to The Eagle Online via WhatsApp.

She said: “The Voice of the Lord crying through His Servant, an Imolite in New York.

“For long, my people have been crying out against both social and legal injustice in the country. It appeared I kept quiet, but now the cup of those that are supposed to defend justice in the country is full. For them to drag my name into their wickedness is the height of their folly.

“Now, I am giving all the Supreme Court Judges and everybody that played a role in the subversion of the democratically elected Governance of Imo State few days to retract their folly, apologise to the whole country and reverse their judgment with their own mouth.

“Failure to do this will result to sudden calamity on all of them; there’ll be no exceptions.

There’ll be a painful outcry in their homes and in Imo State Government House, and in the homes of the active players in this evil.

“My name has been ridiculed for long, but now I’ve come to execute judgment on all those involved in this wickedness, if they do not repent, apologize to the nation, and reverse their evil judgment. I have spoken!!

“It is generally said that there’s no reversal in Supreme Court  judgments. But by this, the whole world will know that there’s a Supreme Court that is above all supreme courts, and the Most High Judge still rules in the affairs of men. It’s only in God’s case that there’s no appeal.

“Therefore, before my anger is released upon all of you, arise now and reverse your evil judgment before it is too late for you.

“As for you Hope Uzodinma, did you not know that you’re sitting on a time-bomb?”

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