Power is only an instrument to be used, and not a deity to be worshipped, but medical doctor-turned-politician, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State does not know this.

That is why he is holding tenaciously to it like a precious heirloom passed on to him by generations of his forbears. So lusty is Governor Okowa for power that he would do anything to keep it within his reach, including foisting his daughter on the poor, helpless people of Delta State. At the moment, Okowa holds the unenviable record of being the only State Governor that has appointed his biological daughter into his cabinet. Many would describe this as the worst kind of nepotism; the people of Delta State are mortified that their Governor has turned the State House into a complex for family business. No doubt, the State has become a family business, as she has all along been running the government with her father. In fact, she is the most influential figure in her father’s cabinet. This is depressing to concerned citizens and statesmen of Delta. It is even more painful, because such travesty is happening in a State that has virtually been grounded to a standstill in the last five years. Very few people in the State have access to life’s basic necessities and amenities like public water supply and quality health care. Public schools are in a state of disrepair, civil servants are poorly paid and the entire citizenry are forced to engage in a daily jostle with poverty and bloody upheavals. However, Okowa, unperturbed, has declared he has no apologies for appointing one of his daughters as an aide. His daughter, the governor said, is eminently qualified for the position. He said: It is not true that I have two of my daughters appointed. I have only one appointed, and she is rightfully qualified. I do not have any daughter in social media. The one appointed for girl child education is rightfully qualified. I do not have any apologies for that, because I know the quality of daughter that I have.