Saturday, Jan 2021

Yahaya Bello, governor of Kogi state, has compared the behaviour of lawmakers who booed President Muhammadu Buhari at the 2019 budget proposal presentation on Wednesday to that of children who were badly brought up

Speaking with state house correspondents after the Anchor Borrowers Programme Gala at the state house conference center in Abuja, he described the lawmakers as “children who lack home training”.

Bello said the lawmaker are determined to destroy the country and its democracy.

“First of all two distinct human beings, a father, a gentleman, a man who has the interest of the country at heart, President Muhammadu Buhari displaced his stuff today (Wednesday), and those who are self-centered, selfish and bent on destroying this country and the democracy have also shown themselves today,” he said.

He said the national assembly was peopled by those who lacked character and integrity.

“This is what I said sometimes back that when you have a child that is not well trained by his parents he constitutes menace to the society and that is exactly what we witnessed today in the National Assembly. National Assembly is suppose to be made of men and women of character and integrity. We have seen those that constitute such class of human beings and those that constitute menace to the society in the National Assembly today. But above all, I thank God, I thank Mr. President for a wonderful presentation of 2019 budget estimates. We all believe it’s going to take Nigeria to the next level by the special grace of God.” he said

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