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On the Lagos political scene, the name Segun Adewale popularly known as Aeroland, by virtue of his vast flourishing travel and tours agency, is not a name to be ignored. This is on account of his relentless ambition to clinch a political seat either chambers of the National Assembly over the years; but this ambition has never come to fruition having failed abysmally on the many occasions he has thrown his hat into the ring.
The very enterprising young man, whose incursion into politics at a very young age has been very impressive. The information trickling in about the unrepentant politician is that he has decided to relocate to his home state; Ekiti to resuscitate his political fortunes or otherwise, having spent so much in Lagos State on campaigns and consultations. Now, this big meander by the Aeroland boss and philanthropist turned politician may be jostling for number seat in Ekiti State political clime, and given his closeness and plum political association with the incumbent governor of Fountain of Knowledge State, Dr. Ayodele Fayose, coupled with the abundant financial resources at Adewale’s disposal, the astute politician might have a soft landing this time aroundceteris paribus.
Grapevine without any incontrovertibility has it that, to further prove his meticulous political move to his home state, the month of April, has been scheduled by Segun Adewale and his ever loyal foot soldiers to officially kick-start the guber campaign stride in Ekiti State, so as to start in earnest the expectedly political battle he might face. Trust him, as he was wont to do in Lagos during his campaigns which were very colorful and exciting, he will want to surpass his records in Lagos as a political titan; since he is now going into an entirely different political turf.