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Ugbo kingdom in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State spans through Abetobo to Oghoye, having Ode-Ugbo as its headquarters. The Olugbo of Ugboland is the landlord to all the communities in Ugboland including Ugbonla, meaning that he is the Paramount Ruler and Prescribed Authority in Ugboland. This short introduction can be traceable to the days of Oronmaken otherwise known as Obamakin Osangangan the direct son of Oranfe who founded Ugbomokun, which is present day Ile-Ife.

In Ugbo kingdom, there are over 250 communities. In each of these communities, there is a Baale who represents the community in the affairs of ridership at Ode-Ugbo and the appointment of the Baale is the prerogative of the Olugbo, who is the First Class Oba over Ugbo Kingdom, at any point in time.

Furthermore, in Ugboland, there are over 30 Religious Communities otherwise called Zion Communities and each of these Zion Communities have Representatives (Asoju) appointed by the Olugbo of Ugboland to represent their various Communities with Ugbonla not an exception anytime the need arises as we have it in Zion and non-Zion Communities.

The appointment of Prince Adebowale Ebiwano as Baale of Ugbonla Community in Ugbo kingdom is in line with the Custom, Tradition and Administration in Ugbo kingdom. Prior to the appointment of Prince Adebowale Ebiwano as Baale, we had Omodun Benson as the Asoju of Ugbonla Community after his biological father, Omodun Reuben served as Baale in the same Community during the reign of the dethroned Olugbo.

Also, It will interest you to know that it was not only  Prince Adebowale Ebiwano that expressed interest in the Baaleship position, the following persons who are Apostle Lene's Sons also expressed their interests in the said position before Prince AdebowaleEniwano was appointed:
1. Leke Lene Ogunfeyimi aka Baba Leke.
2. Omolade Lene Ogunfeyimi.
3. Abo Lene Ogunfeyimi. Although, Abo is said not to be Lene's Son but Son of Sen. Hosea Ehinlawo. A matter that was made known in the Court in the presence of his mother and she could not deny it. Details of this in our subsequent write up.

Against this backdrop, it is considered hypocritical that Apostle Elisha Lene's children who lobbied strongly to be appointed as Baale in Ugbonla are the ones blackmailing and insulting the Olugbo with an opinion that he cannot appoint Asoju at Ugbonla.
Is Ugbonla different from Zion Ikorigho, Ayetoro, Ajegunle and other Zion Communities. Communities in Ugbo kingdom? This question is begging for an answer.

It will also interest you to know that the same Duro Lene Ogunfeyimi wrote a Memo to Ajama Commission asking to be made a Traditional Ruler (Oba) in Ugbonla Community. What an abberation for a community that was leased to some persons including Josiah Gege, Josiah Ebiwano, Reuben Leke, Samson Niye, Apostle Elisha Lene Ofunfeyimi, Ipense, Mekuleyi Lawrence for religious activities in 1948 by Oba S.E. Mafimisebi ll, the then Olugbo of Ugboland.

In the agreement letter that was issued to them, they were told not to sell any part of the land as it  belongs to the Olugbo.

The plan of Duro to be a Traditional Ruler/ King/Oba in Ugbonla was done in connivance with some of Apostle Elisha Lene's children, the  dethroned Olugbo and his supporters especially, those who do not belong to the Ojadele Ruling Family/House in order to cause problems in the kingdom and rejoice at it.


It is only a bastard that drags the name of his father into a mud. It is a well known fact that Duro Henry Lene Ogunfeyimi was deported to Nigeria in 1996 but only a few knew the reasons for his deportation. Duro Henry Lene Ogunfeyimi is an ex-Convict who boasts around that he only served jail terms which his father Apostle Elisha Lene Ogunfeyimi could have served having  been caught in the act of Drug trafficking during his missionary outreach to the United States of America. It is unfortunate that most of the Baba Lene's children hold on to this cheap and concocted lies put together by Duro Henry Lene Ogunfeyimi from the pit of hell in order to score himself high before the public to the abuse and eventual destruction of the legacies and the hard-earned name his late father had built.


Firstly, in 1986, Duro Henry Lene Ogunfeyimi was arrested and charged for Money Laundering and Drug Conspiracy. After being tried, he was sentenced for seven years. He came  out in 1991.
Secondly,  he was arrested for passport fraud and sentenced.
Thirdly, he was arrested for Parole violation in 1994 and deported to Nigeria in 1996.
The areas where he observed his sentences are;
1.Danburg Connecticut
2.Philadephia and
3. Louisburg.
He was also arraigned in the Court in Virginia and Washington D.C.

The same attitude Duro Henry Lene Ogunfeyimi displayed in USA that led to his conviction is what he is displaying in Ugbonla presently by womanizing and defiling young girls, snatching other people's wives, smoking of Indian Hemp etc,  thereby making Ugbonla a Den of smokers and Cultists.

The questions that arise are as follows:

1.What are the legitimate children of Baba Lene doing over this defamation of Character slammed on their father by a son of shame?
2. What are the leaders of the C&S Zion Church, Nigeria and Overseas doing to salvage the good name of the ministry which has been destroyed by this unrepentant law breaker?

However,  Information has it that the leaders of the C&S Zion Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Ugbonla Headquarters have just discovered that Duro Henry Lene Ogunfeyimi is an ex-Convict, a notorious Law Breaker and Womanizer. Therefore, he cannot lead the ministry.

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