Dotun Taylor is known for his distinctive vocal cords which made him a one of the most sought after in the broadcasting circuit, he is famous for his voice texture and tone also mixing both Yoruba and English languages to create a blend of convenient informative dexterity, he become a voice to reckon with in the movie industry, advertising, narrative documentary and events in Nigeria.

Dotun lent his smooth and silky baritone to everything from commercials to documentaries, his most well-known works produced and directed were Egberun Maili, Halimat, Igba N Bejo, Onikola, Voiceless scream and being the director of “Dormitory 8” a sitcom, and “Super Mom”, both by “Digital Interactive Media.” He was a radio announcer, a newspaper reporter, television anchor for Galaxy TV and finally, a reputable voice-over artist.

Recently, this actor cum broadcaster with BA in Historic inaugurates his eight-hundred Nigerians movement which is poised to draw attention to the disadvantages of an unguided and excessive westernization of Africa, accentuating a need to embrace Afro-centrism; with the campaign flag tagged ‘The Root and Heritage Movement.’

The movement focuses on restoration of the historical background and culture of the African Heritage and to guide the coming generation the importance and the uniqueness of the culture and heritage of Nigeria and Africa. your social media marketing partner