PMAN, Omatsola Itseli a.k.a TeeMac, was recently flown in handcuffs to the Police Force Headquarters in Abuja, capital of Nigeria.

The incident followed the petition written against Tee Mac for alleged monumental fraud, stealing, forgery, impersonation and criminal conversion of PMAN landed property in Abuja.
Tee Mac is said to have refused to hand over PMAN property after he had ceased to be the leader of the musicians’ body since 10 years ago. He allegedly forged documents and registered the association with another name but with same acronym, with the intention to possess the piece of land which was donated to the association by the federal government many years ago during the military era.
According to documents made available to National News, the fair skinned musician approached the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2010 and successfully re-registered the association as Performing Musician Association of Nigeria, PMAN, whereas the association had since August 15, 1984 been registered as Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria, PMAN, with registration certificate number 0095.
With the personalized re-registration of the association, Tee Mac and his accomplices were able to convert the said landed property to himself via certificate of occupancy (C of O) obtained from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja dated March 24, 2010 with New Rate Number MISC 50550. This, we learnt has been the major reason Tee Mac and his co-travelers including Oritz Williki, have refused to let go the administration of the musicians body hence the leadership crisis which has engulfed the body for over 10 years running. It was also alleged that Tee Mac some time ago, sold out part of the land for about Six Billion Naira.
When the present National Executive Council, NEC, of PMAN led by Pretty Okafor approached Tee Mac to hand over the said property, Tee Mac was said to have made an undertaking to do so but later went back on his promise.
Tee Mac made the failed promise vide a written Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, between him and Okafor dated May 4, 2015 and signed by both. The MOU reads in part, “Tee Mac is holding on behalf of PMAN, a Federal Republic of Nigeria offer of  Statutory Right of Occupancy of the Performing Musicians’ Association of Nigeria for 3,5, H of land in Kukwaba, Abuja, plus an outstanding invoice for fee and dues in the amount of N71,167,691 dated 14/3/2010.
“Tee Mac has agreed to give Pretty a photocopy of the Statutory Right of Occupancy for PMAN to source for investors/developers. Upon satisfactory development of the project the original will be released to the Development Committee.
“It has been agreed that the photocopy will not be used to obtain another original since the original of the photocopy is in the save hands of the PMAN Lawyer, Kola.”
Tee Mac was said to have later ignored the MOU rather, he approached the media to grant interview that he never went into such an agreement with Okafor. His interview was published on June 27, 2015 in a national daily captioned, “Tee Mac slams Pretty Okafor. Abuja land documents still with – Tee Mac.”
This denial, according to our source, infuriated Okafor who approached the Presidency to effect Tee Mac’s arrest.
Subsequently, the Inspector General of Police sent signals to the Assistant Commission of Police, ACP Monitoring Unit, Force Headquarters Abuja to as a matter of urgency, get Tee Mac arrested. The said signal was signed by ACP Idowu Owohunwa, principal staff officer to the IGP.
Tee Mac has since his arrest and detention been under interrogation at the Force Headquarters and may be prosecuted soon.
Efforts by our reporter to speak with Tee Mac’s younger brother, Micheal on the allegations proved futile as his mobile numbers were not available as at press time
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