The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has expressed its preparedness to combat and indict those who sell counterfeit vehicle lubricants in the country with the collaboration of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to ensure proper surveillance of the sector.

Director-general of SON, Dr Joseph Odumodu, revealed that the agency has embarked on monitoring and sampling of base oil which is online with its mandate of standardisation and quality assurance.
“We embarked on monitoring and sampling of base oil and to establish a database on blending plants and consumption of base oil in the country to stem the tide of diversion and adulteration of the product,” a statement by the body stated.
He acknowledged that they have not been very successful in their past mission because some members of LUPAN were engaged in such illegal business, but he said that with total cooperation from LUPAN there will be a positive result.
“One of the reasons we have engine problem is because we feed the engines with adulterated lubricants. We have done some surveillance of the market and we saw that some members of LUPAN are in this kind of wrong business for survival.
“People bring in a lot of used oil into the country and we know what happened to the viscosity of this oil and a lot of them come in from Dubai.
“We must have a strong collaboration with the DPR and we will have a meeting with the department of government with a view to having a meeting point on how to address the drift,” he added. your social media marketing partner