He is generally believed to be a cat with nine lives. This is euphemistic or metaphorical about him though. The Senate President,Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki is one person that will strike you as someone with an unusualmien, especially on the political terrain.

@AirwavesReport.com need not to bog you about his exploits on the political turf in this exercise, because that is already settled. It is about his conquering potential on all fronts, whether political or otherwise. From the very first day he was controversially voted in as the Senate President, the Ilorin, Kwara state-born medical doctor-turned-political gladiator, has had to wage one battle or the other, and he has always come out unscathed. At his party level, he was not particularly seen as a good material for the senate presidency, especially by those who do not see him in good light, but with time, he has been able to assuage them with his rare reconciliatory attributes. Again, when the anti-graft bodies were strongly holding him by the jugular, over certain financial malfeasance and malpractices, it was only a matter of time for the former two-time governor of Kwara state to deploy his legal team to secure a clean bill of absolution for him in the court of law. Fast forward, the issue of his drawing parallel pensions and emoluments from previous offices held and the present one, Bukola Saraki came out victorious once again and that has again been put to rest without any much ado. Or is it the many alleged illegal acquisition of properties home and abroad he was hugely accused of that all came to a naught when his team of lawyers stoutly came out to defend him with facts and figures on how he legitimately came about the acquisitions. Even at the National Assembly, nay the Senate where he holds sway, Dr. Bukola Saraki has been able to steer the hallowed chambers with all dexterity, sagacity, temerity and diplomacy the exalted office requires, without offending the sensibilities of any member in his own party or other parties within the chamber. Even the difficult ones among his peers have now come to terms with the reality of the unusual manner Bukola uses in placating them on thorny issues that ordinarily would have divided the house, thus retarding the progress of proceedings in the Red Chamber, and much to their amazement and brewing silent love and admiration for him. The kind of astuteness and camaraderie he brings to bear on his superintendence of affairs and issues are simply out of this world, especially in a democracy that is still believed to be nascent. The crown prince of the effervescent late Baba Oloye, Senator (Dr.) Olusola Saraki dynasty of Ilorin, nay Kwara state, is no doubt leaving his name in the sands of time and gradually engraving his name in sparkling gold as someone who came saw. Still seeing and steadfastly conquering, against all odds. History will definitely judge him as a man, who despite all the vicissitudes and turbulences that came his way on the in the political terrain, was able to overcome them, without having to fray any nerves. From the presidency down to the local government echelons, Saraki is now being seen as someone who can be counted upon when the chips are down. Whether he was a sinner or not, the fact remains that he is now comfortably assuming that nomenclature of a saint as it were. Simplicita. Like him or hate him, you just can’t wish him away from any political calculation, arithmetic or consideration in the nation’s polity, as he has braved all odds to assume this enviable status, which he earned meritoriously without any braggadocio or muscle-flexing. Give it to him any day.

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