Africa's richest man and the chairman of Dangote group Aliko Dangote has decried the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

The businessman said the number of unemployed youths in Nigeria gives him sleepless nights. Speaking at a meeting with a team of business executives from the Lagos Business School, Dangote said unemployment in Nigeria has become an eyesore and must be tackled through collective efforts. was there at the intractive session with the Lagos Business School; held at his multi-billion dollars refinery and petrochemical projects in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos state. Dangote called on all Nigerians especially the private sector to work towards growing the economy. He said each Nigerian has one role or the other to play to ensure that the problem of unemployment in solved. “What keeps me awake at nights is not really the enormity of business ideas running through my mind, but it is actually high rate of unemployment in the country," Dangote said. "It is an eyesore and I think we have collective responsibility to solve this problem," he said.
The businessman said Nigeria's population is growing at a rate in which it should serve as a blessing to the nation but the poverty rate in Nigeria increases with the population. “The more poverty that you have in a society without education, the more criminals you breed. “It is surprising that poverty grows in this country as population grows, especially in the North where you have low income families bearing score of children they cannot cater for," he said.
Africa's richest man further said Nigerians must not keep waiting on the government to create jobs. He however urged the federal government to focus on creating an enabling environment for every Nigerian who wants to do business. Citing cases in developed countries, Dangote said great economies were not created by the government but the private sector which he said are the major drivers of growth and development. He also said insurgency in the North-East and militancy in the Niger Delta region contributed to the growing unemployment. your social media marketing partner