The hue and cry over the arrest of billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudubem Onwumadike (aka Evans), may just be normal flash in the pan if certain aspects of how his humongous wealth and ill-gotten money were not critically assessed and evaluated.

This has to do with certain financial houses that have been serially mentioned as being the custodians of Evans’ huge cash deposits with them. Chief of these banks is allegedly Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. In the wake of this revelation by the kidnap kingpin, several bank managers are already afflicted by fear and indescribable dread of what grief may come in the wake of their liaisons with the billionaire kidnapper over their dirty deals with the bank executives. It therefore stands to reason that, if the truth must be told and the Central Bank of Nigeria are also culpable here, then the arrest of Evans is not enough to put an end to the hydra-headed monster, kidnapping. At least the source(s) of any depositor’s money are statutorily to br investigated and scrutinized before such are kept safe for the depositor. So, did GTB do the needful before all of Evans’ money was stashed into their vault, without necessarily querying the source of his money? The only probable defense for GTB is now left in the imagination of many, who will rather see the whole scenario. An investigation proper into the ugly situation will ascertain whether the bank followed the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) reporting guidelines in filling reports, observed Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and followed Know Your Customer (KYC) directives of the CBN on account opening. But no sooner than the CBN promised to probe them than some banks engaged in a fierce hustle to prevent their names from getting published, GTB inclusive. Interestingly, most of the sites on-line that have published damaging reports on the bank’s culpability in Evans’ misdemeanour, have been surreptitiously mopped out from public consumption. And this is where the onus lies on GTB to come out in a brazen manner and defend itself; otherwise they will remain guilty as charged with Evans. Of course, one couldn’t have forgotten so soon when Evans’ wife, Precious mentioned GTB’s name that officials of the bank regularly come to their house in Magodo to see her husband for business transactions. your social media marketing partner