The recent happenings in the state wherein some people are proud of being a political hireling and a masked errand boy has further revealed the dearth of political morals and fictitious integrity some individuals once claimed they had. 

Political masquerade in Kogi state has continued to dance naked owing to gradual unraveling of its mask, and it is now crystal clear that the infamous music no longer sounds palatable to the hearing of the homeboy and the errand boy. 

When a Controversial News website, Sahara Reporters published a fabricated voice-over tape and alleged it was a conversation between Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye and  Justice Akon Ikpeme over the 2015 National Assembly election in which Senator Melaye defeated  Smart Adeyemi on a clean slate, it was clear to some of us that, the purported recorded voice was the hand work of the unknown finger whose hidden garment has started dancing to the wind of revelation. 

However, the masqueraded finger has started announcing its hideout and  it is now clear to all and  sundry that the voice-over hullabaloo was a satanic attempt by some perceived individuals whose lifeless political career was grasping for breath.  Rather than searching for ways to salvage the self inflicted problems on people of the state, they have resorted to names calling  and fabrication of nonexistent issues through their self made recorded voice.   

Let it be on record, that the outcome of 2015 National Assembly election in Kogi West Senatorial District was the direct choice of the people of the senatorial district as they chose between the man after their heart and rejected the man whose heart was far from them for eight years. 

It is therefore, a fiasco laden attempt and a failed venture for anyone one with a rudderless administrative sojourn under whose regime both active workers and pensioners have been declared ghost despite not being paid salaries and allowances for over 12 to 15 years to resort to personality attack after a failed assassination attempt. 

One does not doubt the journalistic dexterity of Mr Smart Adeyemi  whose outspokenness was glaring during his eight years as the senator representing the good people of Kogi West, but Mr Smart has never denied at any quarter that his disconnect with his people and his alleged investments in Kwara state rather than his ‘claimed place’ of nativity was the actual reason for his failure at the pole. Perharps he was not smart enough to placate the heart of his people before election. 

As an experienced Purveyor of information and one of the main stakeholders in Kogi project, it was a public knowledge that prior to the 2015 National Assembly election, the people of Kogi West could be proud of showcasing some projects undertaken by Senator Melaye during his four years at the green chamber than the eight years of Mr Smart at the upper chamber who was believed to be more in deep romance with the people of Kwara state than those in Kogi west. 

Mr Smart, who was a sitting senator at the time of the said election had more financial muscle and political advantage than Senator Melaye especially that Mr Smart was in the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party with access to all structural aids. The outcome of the election and all the judicial processes it went through reflected the true sense of the people’s mandate and the soul and letters of our electoral laws any attempt to undermine the judgment of Appeal Court is to underpin the fact that a ghost who is occupying a seat without a polling unit but with INEC double registration should be made to face the wrath of the law .  

The truth must be told, that those who are fighting Senator Dino using trivial and unfounded claims are only being intimidated by his ever glowing influence and the future political pregnancy of the state but since they could not succeed in other malicious assassination attempts, they have also failed in this.  

One does not need rocket science to understand the political game that has played out in the recent times, where some political players jettisoned the business of governance and resorted to fighting senator Melaye by seemingly shifting focus on him even when there is glaring infrastructural decay and institutional cum systemic failure in the state. The last time I checked, Kogi state was synonymous with hunger and avoidable poverty due to the callous policies of the power that be.   

It is never coincidence that the malevolent, cruel and spiteful voice tape published recently by a political hireling in media garment came in the same period when ‘Bought-Over-Individuals’ (BOI) from Kogi west blew an empty trumpet of embarking on a failed project of recalling senator Melaye. 

Those Bought-Over-Individuals who like biblical Esau were only after satisfying their hungry stomach have told the whole world that, accepting to recall Senator Melaye even though it is visibly impossible was a clear picture of slaying the destiny of Kogi west because of an outsider’s egocentric political ambition. 

To prove that these empty-stomach individuals are not after the social, economic and political health of their zone but only dancing to the music being beaten by an outsider, non of them cried out and stage protest when there was an attempt to assassinate Honourable James Abiodun Falake and  the recent one on Senator Dino Melaye neither did they shout out over the state government’s failure to conduct Local government election. 

When Honourable (Elder) Friday Makama sued the state government over rascality in fund usage in the state, the power that be used his political hirelings to suspend him and in the same light, the call to recall Senator Dino came barely 24 hours he sued the state government for not conducting Local government areas election in the state.   

We are sure aware of the chief engineer playing invisible roles in all of these scenarios and as it stands, the masquerade no longer hides its true colour especially that as its foot soldiers and political hirelings have started speaking out and returning to account for their political stewardship. 

Mr Smart Adeyemi who I hold in high esteem shouldn’t allow the present comatose status of his political career and denigrate himself by descending so low to the point of acting the errand boy script for those who are avowed enemies of the welfare of the state. 

Recall that I was quick to hint that the recent interview granted Mr Smart on Channels Television was sponsored and the truth became evidential in just less than 48 hours when the same Smart visited Luggard house, praising Governor Bello of developing and beautifying Lokoja town and turning Government House to State House. 

In my next article, I will hint on the possible outcome of the strange romance between Mr Smart and some hidden faces despite being stranger and new comer in Kogi APC. 

Dr Tom Ohikere is a two time Commissioner of information in Kogi state and CEO of Thebroom Media. your social media marketing partner