Saturday, Apr 2021

It was long anticipated. As a matter of fact many said he was married. Again, on Friday, Nollywood actor, Lateef Adedimeji, was faced with such a question and he had to reveal who the lucky woman is.

“No, I am not married but I am engaged,” he said on TVC’s Your View anchor, Morayo Brown.

The excited crew asked again when he would be getting married to the lucky girl and he answered, “Soon.”

What could be keeping him when he has the wherewithal to be married to a lady of his choice?

The actor who has featured in many films and skits on social media explained, “It’s just good to take your time. This job is very critical and once an actor makes a wrong choice, that’s could be the end of his career. In acting you have to be balanced emotionally and physically. When the emotion is wrong, you have it all wrong. You can’t have it hot outside as an actor and return home to have it hot too. You need to marry someone who can help with that balance.”

Speaking further, the actor who had been romantically linked to many ladies accepted that though many ladies want him as a mate, he is being careful not to fall into the wrong hands.

Recall that Adedimeji starred in a movie with actress, Mo Bimpe and everyone assumed it was a legal marriage,

Speaking on her relationship with Adedimeji, Mo Bimpe said, “I wouldn’t deny the fact that we are close, he is my best friend it’s normal for people to assume a lot because we always act together people cast us together and even in my own project I usually cast him.

I’m a filmmaker and a story maker, film making is my passion and he is good, so, you always find him in my production. I think it was the fan that came up with the story “you guys are good together, you guys are compatible and so on” But there is nothing between us we are just friends.”

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