After several months of competition, season 2 of the popular Christian reality TV show, Hymnodia, has been rounded off in Lagos.

Ediomo Akpan, the Hymntestant No.9 emerged the winner taking home the sum of 5 million naira, a brand new car, and the Asaph.

During the last stanza of the competition, the five contestants who made it to the finals – Yinka, Frank, Ediomo, Duke, and Jason went into battlenodia for the judges to decipher who is qualified to be the true hymnodian.

Akpan who was declared the winner said amidst tears, “This is just the grace of God. I couldn’t have come this far without His grace. The journey has not really been easy. I’ve had the opportunity to meet wonderful people in the house. The faculty, I thank you all so much for the constant push. I also thank the judges for doing a good job. To Duke, Yinka, Frank, and Jason, they can also be worthy of this. We are all winners here.”

Ben Ogbeiwi, the anchor of the program stated that it requires the singing skills, covered in character and grace from the Almighty to be the true Hymnodian.

Ezinne Kufre-Ekanem, the Producer of Hymnodia season 2 said the journey has been on since January.

“It’s been a very long but rewarding journey. Season 2 is a very peculiar one because five stanzas into the season, COVID came and we had to pack up. Then, life happened.

“Our executive producer became ill, our voice of Hymnodia had also took ill, he had surgery and then we had to deal with all of that. Hymnodia took a different kind of turn, the executive producer asked me to finish Hymnodia even if God chooses not to spare his life.”

She stated that the Hymtestants were a major force as they kept singing the hymns to the executive producer even on his sickbed and praying alongside the family.

“They turned from being people who came for a competition, to becoming family. It made sense to now finish because there was another compelling reason to finish. Hymodia took a new turn, some of the season 1 hymntestants came back of their own volition to help out.”

Kufre-Ekanem said she is very surprised that Ediomo came out the winner of the show as the winner came into the hymstitute a very shy person. “We just started noticing him when it dawned on us that in all stanzas, Ediomo had never gone on probation and he had quite a strong fanbase on social media. God has a way of picking who he wants to pick.

“In Hymodia, one thing we’ve said to ourselves is that we would not help God. Whoever he chooses is good enough. That’s why we ensure that our entry process is intact.”

The producer added that plans were already ongoing for Hymodia season 3 tagged, ‘The Testimony.’

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